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Elegant shoes – one of the most important parts of image in our life, so many do not consider it possible to save it. However, even the best quality and expensive shoes wear out over time, even if you took care of it very carefully, and from being able to accidentally damage the shoes, no one is immune. But do not always have to part with the shoes. If you just noticed the damage repair of luxury shoes from experts in their field can significantly extend the life of your favorite pair again to give it luster and well-groomed appearance. We have modern equipment and materials from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France – the world’s centers of production of the best shoes. You can contact us on this matter, recovery nozzles, replacing zippers, hauling and professional stretch footwear, as well as other issues to restore your shoes presentable. In our workshop by stretching shoes we are working with any materials, including you can contact us if you are interested in stretch suede shoes. We use professional tools and modern equipment. Trust our experts to repair and stretching the most expensive shoes, and they are successfully coping with the tasks.

By choosing our company, you can be sure that the shape of your shoes or boots after stretching does not change, and the skin and the seams burst. We guarantee all our work and if necessary, can conduct emergency repairs shoes.

Repair of heel and sole of the shoe

Heels and soles of the shoes are the ones who are the most serious damaged and experiencing all the hardships and uneven coating chemicals, which strew the city sidewalks in the winter. In our workshop possible emergency repairs to the soles of shoes, even in the case of severe damage, such as a puncture through, we will do everything neatly and quickly, so as to fully restore the water tightness of the soles and keep the look of the shoe.

Heel – no less vulnerable place, especially when it comes to women’s shoes with stiletto heels, because they can withstand the weight of the body and require great care when walking and perfectly smooth asphalt that is not always possible. When driving on uneven coating likely to touch the heel for anything, as a result lose their heels heels, and most often occurs suddenly. A walk in heels without naboek not only inconvenient, but often dangerous to health, increasing the risk of injury, in addition, and the heel can break. However, even a broken heel – no reason to part with the beautiful shoes in the workshop «Armors» we will do our work to bring you comfort and save your shoes – heels repairs in our workshops did not take much time, and in just a few minutes you will be able to wear it again your favorite pair of shoes and sent them about their business.