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We will open the car without damage

Often the situation occurs when the central locking fails car keys or forgotten in the cabin door locks are frozen, the car battery is dead, and you can not open your car?

Or is your key stuck in the car lock or the key broke in the door?

We know how to help you. Al you need to do is to dial: 20202525!
We operate throughout the territory of Latvia!
We work quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
Our professional team with over 10 years of experience, quickly and efficiently help you!

Our services:

  • Services for opening doors of cars of any brand
  • Opening the doors and locks of varying complexity
  • Emergency vehicle opening at any time
  • Making keys for cars

For our customers, the car is not just a means of transportation, but a true friend. Our craftsmen understand this and do their work conscientiously and with a pinpoint accuracy. There are many reasons why we are approached by the owners of vehicles: the loss of a key, a broken lock or key – allmof these can prevent the owner of the car from getting in. If you encounter this problem, please call our company, we have the necessary experience and skills to help you. Very often the problem occurs in winter, when the harsh weather conditions can easily surprise any driver. Blocking or wedging of doors is the most common disaster, which is suddenly faced by almost every other driver. In addition, if the problem is in the battery, opening the door yourself will be much harder. We propose to entrust the car dissection to professionals, i.e. people who will be able to open any car door easily and without damage. In any case, and under different circumstances, an appeal to the specialist would be a reasonable solution, so you should not resort to hasty conclusions and solve such complex problems yourself. Time to seek professional help, you will save yourself some time and cost. We have our own equipment, necessary tools, years of experience and an established service system. Today our company employs a team of skilled professionals who offer a jeweler’s precision locks and locking systems of various types of manifacture.