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Life is full of surprises, pleasant and not very pleasant ones. In order to protect your property from theft, we use various protection such as complex texture locks and safes. But there are times when excessive caution turns into additional problems. You can forget the code of the very strong safe, or lose the keys to the most modern lock. In these situations, opening the safe without damaging it is virtually impossible. Experts recommend not to do this yourself to avoid creating unnecessary problems, and immediately turn to the professionals for help.

If a situation arises in which there is the need to open the safe without the use of the code, only a Professional with wide experience can figurē out how to open it. Incorrectly chosen way of working in a particular situation may trigger the need of liquidation of the lock. Eliminating lock safe in any case is undesirable, since it entails the repair of safes, with all its consequences. Before you open a metal cabinet, the expert is to examine and determine the type of safe (fire-resistant, fireproof, combination, protection) and decides on opening the safe.

Opening the safe depends mainly on its type.

Types of safes:

  • Fireproof safes – protect the contents of the safe from the heat
  • degree of protection of the safe is focused on maximum protection against opening the safe and
  • combined with high security and resistance to fire at the same time
  • built-in safes are situated on the floor or a wall, they offer the best protection and provide some protection from fire due to being in an array of thewall
  • cash boxes increase protection against opening the safe, they are normally installed in banks and other financial institutions
  • furniture safes are compact and can be installed in the open places
  • hotel safes are of a furniture safe kind, they are easy to use on every day basis.
  • Weapon safes are suitable for storage of long-barreled firearms and handguns.
  • safe for magnetic media are installed to protect the contents in the form of diskettes, tapes, etc. from fire (50 – 70 C)
  • Deposit drives for money, safe above the ground is an independent branch of the additional cash, and after closing the money it is automatically transferred to the lower compartment

You cannot open a safe or metal cabinet for some reason?

We know how to help you. All you need to do is to dial: 20202525!
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Our services:

  • We open the locks of safes and metal cabinets without damaging the lock mechanism remains safe and in the working order (if technically possible).
  • We make keys for the locks of metal cabinets and safes.
  • All works are produced using professional equipment. If contact us with a request to open or repair safes, you do not have to worry about the security of the information. Only you will know the access codes to the safe.
  • Restoring

Are you assured of complete safety of your valuables and documents? The lock on the door or the alarm does not guarantee protection from robbers and even more so from fire and water. Only safe with a high degree of protection can give you such a guarantee. Your safe is right to protect the contents from various afflictions.