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Installation and replacement of the door locks

The modern entrance door locks are completed during the manufacturing process, but often have a situation where the chosen model of the door does not make the customer happy in all respects. In such a case the lock will be replaced to a model required by the buyer.

If desired, you can add equipment or uninstall locking which does not suit you. Installing the lock with a high degree of protection against hacking, without spoiling it, can only be done by a specialist with experience. Professional fabrication and installation is the key to a long life of your doors. Installing the lock professionally – it is a guarantee that the lock will serve you faithfully for a long time.

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Our Services:

  • Installing locks in metal, wood, plastic and aluminum doors.
  • If you have not yet decided what lock you want to install on your door, we will provide you with some advice. We offer the electromagnetic locks, rim and mortise,combination locks, mechanical or electronic multi-locks.
  • Replacement of locks in the doors to a more reliable and modern locks.
  • Box locks, door panel modifications (when replacing the lock on the new model, the thickness of the door, the distance from the center of the cylinder to the center of the handle and the like should be taken into account). And, of course, the replacement of the lock requires experience and professional tools!
  • Repair of locks.
  • Opening of locks.
  • Replacement cores and door handles.
  • Installation of armor.
  • Recoding locks.
  • Installing door viewers, bolts, chains and door closers.

Types of locks

  • Mortice locks and overhead
  • Mechanical Locks
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Code locks
  • Intercoms

Repairing door locks unfortunately is not always possible when the cause of failure lies in the lock itself. Therefore, our experts will help to understand and solve this problem.