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Opening the doors of any type and any type of chateaus

  • You can`t get home/office or facility?
  • Your key was in the doorway, and you are locked out of the house?
  • You accidentally slammed the door and cannot get inside?
  • Did you break your lock?

In such situations, you feel helpless and do not know what to do.

We know how to help you. All you need to do is to dial the number:
+371 20202525
We operate throughout the territory of Latvia!
We work quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
Our professional team with over 10 years of experience will help you quickly and efficiently!

We provide the following services: 

  • Opening the doors of any type (wood, metal, plastic, aluminum) in your house,apartment, office, garage;
  • An autopsy of any type of locks (from the simplest to the most complex, with varying degrees of protection, any manufacturer);
  • Replacement and installation of new locks, cylinders, after opening the door;
  • Repair of doors and locks after opening;
  • Installation of security locks;
  • Recoding of locks;
  • Repair of doors and locks after burglary;
  • Installing anti-burglary protection, and accessories;
  • Production of all types of keys (standard and custom);
  • Repair, restoration and opening of safe deposit boxes;
  • Restoration of the locks.

Riga, Dzirnavu 53, +371 67281719

Almost everyone who would like to use this service – locksmith, first of all interest rates. High competition among companies offering similar services, allow you to select the most advantageous option. In the workshop «Armors» you will find a high level of service and affordable prices. Careful attention to the wishes of the client and the professional performance of any order are the advantages of our company. Emergency locksmith in Riga – it is always a quality service at a reasonable cost. We offer a high level of service and reasonable prices. Keys have lost property, so the right decision can be a custom of one or more duplicates. You can also contact us if you need “English” key or a duplicate key from the door station.

Efficiency and quality – basic principles of our workshop. Using our services once, clients often come to us again and recommend us to their friends. Reasonable prices for the full range of services, as well as significant discounts when you order a large batch of identical keys are also our advantage.

Production of magnetic switches (keys)

Magnetic electronic switches are often used in business centers and banks. Their advantage over conventional metal keys – small weight and convenient format. If the code settings allow it, you will be able to use one copy to enter different rooms with different locks. Disadvantages of magnetic samples – this is a big chance of accidental damage, after which the key becomes unusable. Therefore, they should be stored very carefully. We offer locksmith in any quantity. Usually the key is issued when installing intercom each tenant entrance, but often Door keys are lost or broken, in addition, may change the composition of your family. Order a duplicate of another workshop, install intercom, often too long and complicated, so if you want a locksmith for intercom did not take much time, you can contact us. Our customers know exactly where to make a duplicate key from the door station and do not spend time looking for professionals. Our customers often recommend us to their friends.

Production of car keys

Urgent production of car keys – one of our service. The sample will be made to exactly match the original. We can make keys to the doors and the ignition of your car, Quality construction of keys for vehicles provide safety of your car, so in this work we approach with great care, it is performed only the most experienced craftsmen, a duplicate is carefully checked in order to avoid problems with use. If the key for the car need to replace a lost or broken, and you do not have a duplicate, we can produce it, and the castle of your car.