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A brief review of the ASSA ABLOY

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ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in the manufacture of lock solutions, meeting the most demanding requirements of customers and providing protection and ease of use.

ASSA ABLOY is represented in almost all parts of the world with a leading position in most of Europe, North America and Australia. In the fast-growing sector of electromechanical productssafety concern has a leading position in the system access control, identification technology, automatic doors and hotel security spectrum.

Since its founding in 1994, ASSA ABLOY Group has grown from a regional company into an international company, which employs more than 32 000 people, and whose sales exceed 33 billion SEK (Swedish Krona). As the global leader of locksolutions, ASSA ABLOY offers the most comprehensive range of solutions for all types of doors.

ASSA 2000 – a reliable and advanced solution for external doors

  • Meet Swedish safety standard SS3522, or fourth class security for such locks.
  • Special steel processing, three-tiered bolt out of the body by 21 mm by turning thekey on the 360°.
  • From the inside as an additional function rotary knob: staying at home is very easy to unlock and lock it using the knob. Leaving home can be blocked by the locklocated at the end of his nipple: In the security situation and now it cannot be opened from the inside without a key. When you open the key function of the rotary knob is automatically restored.

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Do you know what time of the year accounts for the greatest number of burglaries? Most often burglaries take place in summer. But you were not born yesterday!You are prepared for safe summer season and have finally put a new door locks with ultra-reliable features. Great! Key chik-chik, bolt-klats klats …

Stop, and now once again look closely at their locks as well as whether they will protect your goods? There is always a danger that someone will pick up the pick. Moreover, the thief simply opens the door from the inside: Our locks are working basically just to protect the outside! What to do?

It turns out that there is a solution. The Swedish company ASSA ®, founded in 1881 by Augustus Stenmanom in Eskilstuna, has been working on the creation and improvement of models of locks for more than a hundred years. For example, in Sweden to the locks for entrance doors there is a requirement which states that if someone (without your knowledge) entered the apartment, for example, through the window, then it should not just go through the door. The philosophy of the company ASSA ® is that the level of security must match the value of the property, which protects the locks.

This refers to is this: if you think that there is nothing to steal, to fit the so-called simple locks oval cylinder. On their internal (inside the apartment) is a side or a cylinder with a keyhole, or the rotary knob. Locks can be installed on any door. For example, the company ASSA ® recommends the doors locks, “reliability” with a round cylinder, such as «ASSA 2000″.

The quality and reliability of locks ASSA ® company also said that the Swedish insurance company at the conclusion of the contract with its customers or apartment property insurance pay attention to the locks. If the house defends the lock «ASSA 2000″, the client is granted benefits, reduced the amount of the payment.

Even one of the lock will be enough. It can lock or unlock the key or thumbturn, duplicating the function key. You must agree that it is convenient. Especially in an emergency – say, by fire, when you want to quickly leave the house. By the way, the researchers calculated that if the person cannot find the key in 15 seconds, he or she starts to panic. But even without any fire, just leaving the house, you can lock the knob with a special pin on the front plate. In this case, the lock will not unlock any attacker or the outside or inside.

And no picking or any other device to open the lock fails. And here’s why. Inside the cylinder are special pins that occupy a certain position when the key is inserted into the lock. Therefore, the more pins there are the more reliable is the lock. For example, there are 7 pins in the cylinder «ASSA 700″, and the level of secrecy – 360 million combinations. I must say, for the locks of other firms is the highest level of privacy.And for a company ASSA ® – this is only the first level. Because the 11-pins cylinders provide ASSA Twin series of level of secrecy is six times larger.Another secret – “the end” company ASSA ® pins are made conical and freely rotatable in its “nest.” Thus, the lock will be able to cope with only his “home” key. And nothing more.

In addition, the company ASSA ® locks have the know-how – a gap in the manufacture of pins is only 0.04 mm. This is the minimum gap that exists in the locks of European manufacturers. And what does this mean for us consumers?Let me explain with an example: in the use of a lock on the key, we vertically in the well, gradually disappearing cloves, and enough to at least one of the teeth wear out at 4 microns, the lock will not open. Therefore, the company ASSA ® advises using only original key blanks made of special materials – then the key will last longer and does not need to be replaced every 2-3 years. In addition, corporate key ASSA ® is practically impossible to forge.

By the way, the company ASSA ® locks are not afraid of dust and frost, which is why they can be installed in highly dusty environment and at exterior doors.

However, the company locks ASSA ® can be used not only at home. They are very convenient to use in offices or other non-residential premises. But in this case it is better to acquire the so-called master system: in addition to individual keys for every lock, there is provided a key that opens all locks. It is called the “master key”. Moreover, there are several variants of these systems. For example, there is a lightweight modification: in this case, the employee will be able to open with one key the main office door and the door of his office (but only his!). A very handy tool.

In more complex systems, master key opens all doors at once, the key-“Apprentice” – say, all the doors on any one floor, and the keys are unlocked only the rank and file of their private offices. Naturally, the “main” keys are located in a special storage. As you can see, not only the magnetic cards, along with computers and special software can determine access to a particular room.

It must be said, except for the company ASSA ®, these systems produce today and other companies. However, almost all manufacturers in the manufacture of the master cylinder systems use the same level of privacy (usually high), which makes the system “expensive.” But the company proposes to use ASSA ® cylinders of different levels of privacy (11 and 6-pins). It is convenient and practical: in any building is the premises that do not require a particularly high level of privacy. For example, a room where the cleaning lady keeps buckets and mops, are unlikely to need to close with a very sophisticated (and expensive) lock.

Now the question arises: is it difficult to change the lock? It turns out, no problems. All lock cases the company ASSA ® – the same size, and therefore all the holes match. Not only that, you are free to set other pins, and even change the oval-round cylinder. The company ASSA ®  has 26 basic types of cases on which, by combining the cylinders, handles and trim, you can create up to 16,000 different locks.

The pride of the company ASSA ®  is involved in several very large-scale and important projects. First of all, in 1995, the master system, the company ASSA ® was equipped with 40,000 doors in the largest shopping center in New York (World Trade Center). Another achievement – last year the company won a tender for the equipping of the Pentagon (and it is no less than 200,000 doors). It’s really a good indicator of the reliability of the company, given that in America, where its full of companies producing locks, preference was given to the Swedish company ASSA ®.

And now locks ASSA ® appeared on the market. Now you and I can buy a really high quality, reliable locks. For advice please call 20202525, we offer help in choosing the right lock. It also held sales service and manufacturing master systems. When buying a lock specialist services for installation must be offered. This is important: the bias of the lock case, even at 1 mm can damage it.

At ASSA ®  we give locks manufacturer’s warranty for 5 years. Interesting fact: for all time the firm was not returned ARMORS no one lock ASSA 2000. And during that time had not yet been a single case when the lock of this company managed to be cracked by the attackers. By the way, in Estonia, in the representation of the company ASSA ®  has a small collection of locks, who tried to break into, but to no avail. All attempts led only to a mechanism for blocking locks.

And another thing: all the products the company manufactured are in accordance with the requirements of the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001 and Internationalenvironmental certificate ISO 14001. And the tests are conducted in order to assign locks the class that defines the requirements for strength and durability of locks to destructive and nondestructive methods of autopsy revealed that the company locks ASSA ® correspond to the highest, 4th class reliability.

So, the summer is coming soon. It’s time to think about how to safely protect the “acquired”. And locks the Swedish company ASSA ® will help you be more confident and relaxed for the safety of your home.

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